Above: actress Yoon Hye Kim is getting ready for LINC photo session. Photo by Andrea Buso.


Next month a cover story and fashion editorial that I have shot with Korean actress Yoon Hye Kim, will be featured on the third issue of Japanese magazine LINC.


LINC magazine is an ongoing project which aims to showcase the talents of accomplished as well as unknown artists who work to inspire our generation by pushing boundaries of creativity.

An artist’s work carries substances and culture, photographers who focus on beauty as their subject matter are not simply artists who photograph instances of objective beauty, but who are dedicated to sharing their subjective experience, emotions and soul with the rest of the world. In doing so, these artists are oLen challenging and developing innovative and creative ideas.

This magazine aims to challenge the common publishing model by providing free space for artists to express their own voice and in doing so, our hope is to stimulate the potential for artists to achieve further creative growth. Any profit will be shared with the contributing artists.

Below: some images from the 2nd issue of LINC magazine.
Credit photos above: Marcus Holmson, Paul Jasmin, Jonas Bresnan, Nick Yamazaki.

Distributed in JAPAN, TAIWAN, HONG‐KONG, CHINA clients, such as Freelance Art directors, Art directors of AD agents, Art buyers, Apparel clients, Select stores and North America clients in NEW YORK, CANADA, FRANCE.

Art Director: Conor Hautaniemi, Studio HAUT.  HAUT
Contributing producer : Yukiko Yamazaki (NY)

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