Last April I have shot the OKTO campaign a new watch of Klasse14 a Hong Kong based watch brand.

Creative director is the brand’s designer Mario Nobile, Advertising Agency is Branding Records a boutique firm based in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

It was shot with the help of a crew of 15 people, in one night around Ginza, Shimbashi and Shibuya neighbors in Tokyo.

Below: Hero image opening on Klasse14 web site.
Creative Director: Mario Nobile
Ad Agency: Branding Records by Jacopo Pesavento
Photographer/Director: Andrea Buso
Model: Linde
Styling: Tsuyoshi Kurata
Hair and make up: Yuko Fujiwara
Production: Storatosphare in Tokyo by Ryosuke Makita
Motion Cameras: Ryosuke Makita, Tomoya Nakamura
Production assistant: Ayako Kobayashi
Assistants: Kondo & Yoshida
Driver: Yohei Mikami

all images on this site are ©2017 of Andrea Buso

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